Who are we ?

We are professionals for whom the important thing is you.

We are experts in personal development but also doctors, surgeons, dentists, coaches, therapists, nutritionists, yoga teachers, mindfulness, meditation, image consultants, architects …

We are here to consider you as a whole; physical, psychological, social, ecological and spiritual factors. At the same time to consider you in your individuality.

We are here to give you an exclusive service. Customized.

You are unique and no one else is like you.

We are together in this adventure that is life.

We participate in the creation of a better planet.

This is our way of making ourselves useful and bringing value to this world we love.

We are here to accompany you if you want.

Karen Dente
Naturopath and functional medicine practitioner

Estela Delgado
Coordinator YOU ARE ME (Spain)