We are a personal development agency.

Our goal is to provide services to individuals, businesses, in communities such as families, schools, retirement homes, hospitals …

We make disclosure, training and information.

Our holistic approach considers each person as a whole. Its physical, psychological, social, ecological and spiritual factors.

We bring love, freedom.

We want to contribute to the autonomy, to the independence, to the success of each person, to his blooming, to his happiness. Always respecting the individuality and uniqueness of each.

We assist in their personal development all those who want a full, satisfying life: children, young people, adults and the elderly.

Each moment is perfect.

Being happy, it can be learned.

We are an association too.

We are a club.


A club open to all happy women and also to those who are not happy.

To be ; of free will, with respect and acceptance.

YOU ARE ME WOMEN CLUB defends the principle that happiness is a state of mind. It stands for the belief that we are all connected, that we are all one.

A club without rules, without demands, without conditions, without fees.

A club in which you are not a member because you are the club.